• Khmer Parents Association 

    a nonprofit organization serving the Long Beach community since 1995


    It is the mission of KPA to produce tomorrow’s leaders of today's Khmer youth through higher education by providing tutoring, leadership development, annual scholarships, and health education to youth, women and families, Women and Girls empowerment through an annual Mother Daughter Conference, advocacy for Khmer Dual Language in LBUSD school for Khmer students.


    KPA envisions a strong and healthy Khmer community in Long Beach with cultural pride and a great sense of ethnic identity.


    On November 8, 2016, State Senator Ricardo Lara's bill, SB1174 (known as Prop.58), was passed into law in every county in the State of Ca. for Non-English Language Instruction in Public Education. There are many Dual Language Immersion Programs (DLIP) in schools around the country. DLIP integrate both English speaking and a second language to teach students a variety of subjects, with the purpose of developing bilingualism and bi-literacy in both languages. The most common languages are Spanish, French and Chinese. Schools that teach in Vietnamese/English Dual Language are located in Portland, Oregon; Burlen, Washington; Austin, Texas and Orange County, California. There are no Language Immersion classes taught in Khmer. Please take this survey to let us know how you feel about starting Khmer/English Dual Language classes in Long Beach. Thank you!

  • Programs

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    Annual Khmer Health Forum

    wellness and health information

    An annual event increasing awareness of common health issues facing our community.


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    Annual Southeast Asian Scholarship and Graduation Program

    for college-bound seniors

    KPA embraces and encourages high school students in their pursuit of higher education.

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    Recipients Leadership Development Training

    transition to college

    Prepares graduates for their transition to college through building a network and mutual support. Trainer Paul Chhean, class of 2010, KPA scholarship recipient, took part in the the leadership development training.

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    Annual Recipients Christmas Reunion

    a time to celebrate and reconnect

    To reconnect and expand a social network among past and recent KPA scholarship recipients.

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    Khmer Mother-Daughter Intergenerational Leadership Training

    family bonding

    To promote bonding, strengthening, and understanding between generations of women and girls. This training program is partly funded by Josephine S. Gumbiner Foundation, Liberty Hills Foundation and Cambodian Association of America.

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    Cambodian Wellness Program

    healthy lifestyle

    The Cambodian Wellness Program is a project of the collaborative of Cambodian Association of America, United Cambodian Community and Khmer Parents Association. There are five essential developmental domains. KPA focuses on cultural perception on chronic conditions, coping skills and healthy lifestyle through a series of 19 workshops with 233 participants and 17 case managements. 

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    Mother & Daughter Conference

    strengthen relationships

    The goal of our Mother & Daughter Conference is to build, develop and strengthen relationships across cultures, create friendly dialogue, connect and share experiences as one community. It will equip mothers and daughters with knowledge and skill building to prevent inter-generational gaps and conflicts so that youth become academically successful and strong women in the future.

  • Staff and Board

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    Chan Hopson

    Co-Founder and Executive Director

    As a survivor of the Khmer Rouge Genocide, Chan Hopson went through an immeasurable experience in the Killing Fields. She understands many Cambodian people carry permanent emotional scars from the war that killed millions of innocent people; especially the well educated ones. Full Biography

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    Mark Hopson


    Meet our Board

    a dedicated team

    The KPA Board, Officers and Advisors bring a range of experience to operational and policy decisions.


    Board of Directors

    Christina Lee, MD (Chair)

    David Kem, MPA (Vice-Chair)

    Chamroeun Heng, D.O.

    Leakhena Heng, Ph.D.

    Vattana Peong, MPH

    Visal Nga, D.O.



    Chan Hopson, Executive Director

    Mark Hopson, Secretary

    Anthony Tourn Guerrero, Youth Peer Leader

    Sothea Sok, Aerospace Engineer (Treasurer)



    Pheakday Linde Chea, DrPH, MPH


  • Contact Us

    Please let us know your concerns and suggestions by filling in the form below or you can contact us by mail.


    Mailing Address:

    P.O. Box 91955

    Long Beach, CA 90809


    Office: (562) 276-5888


    Khmer Parents Association is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization as classified and recognized by the IRS. Your donation may be fully deductible under IRS guidelines. Federal Tax ID# 93-1805670.